What kind of hair should we choose in summer

In the summer we will feel very hot and uncomfortable wearing wigs, but when we go out to events we have to wear wigs So what kind of wigs should we wear in summer?
1 bob wig
Bob wig are short in size, usually between 12 inches and 12 inches, slightly longer 14 inches, these short bob hoods are not as hot as the long ones, they will feel cooler, and look It is also very simple and surprising, giving a sense of vitality.
But we sometimes don’t like wearing short wigs so what do we do?
2.Braid wig
The size of dreadlocks is long compared to bob, and dreadlocks are more breathable, it is a good choice in summer, and it will look amazing on the outside, so dreadlocks are also a good choice choose

32″ natural black braid wig

4*4 transparent straight Lace Closure Wig Pre Plucked Hairline

13×4 Lace Front Wigs Color Bob Lace Front Hair Wigs

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