How to make your hair last longer

The lifespan of a hair depends on whether you take good care of it ,Many people’s wigs are broken after a few months of use. This is because your use method is not in place, which has caused damage to it.
So how should we take care of our wigs to prolong their lifespan?
First of all when shampooing is not the more shampoo the better,After wearing the hair for a long time, there will always be some grease and dust on it, but it is not as clean as possible.
Because the oil has the effect of protecting the hair to a certain extent, when the hair does not have the protection of the oil, it will become dry and breakable.
And many shampoos are made with harsh chemicals, and using too much can also damage your hair.
Avoid direct contact with pool water
Although swimming with a wig is no problem, all pools contain a lot of chlorine, which can damage your wig if you stay in the pool for a long time.
Therefore, before swimming, it is best to wear a swimming cap in advance, or use a leave-in conditioner to reduce the absorption of chlorine content by the wig
Avoid overusing your hair dryer
Many people like to wash their hair before going out, because the hair dries more slowly, so they use a hairdryer
However, the high temperature setting of the hair dryer will make the hair dry and cause certain damage.
Therefore, try to allow enough time for the hair to dry itself after the wig is washed.
If you don’t have enough time, you must use a hairdryer, then the wind is best to keep it cool
Because the scalp can’t produce sebum, it’s really important to take care of your hair regularly
After each wash of the wig, it is best to use some conditioner to protect the hair
But when using conditioner, it is best not to let it get on the hair net
protect hair knots
The wigs are all crocheted, so there will be some small knots on them
Once these knots are broken, the hair cannot regrow, so protect these hair knots
Of course, if the junction is not very serious, you can also take it directly to the wig shop and ask them to help return it to the factory for repair.
Avoid direct UV exposure
The maintenance of wigs is actually the same as skin care. The ultraviolet radiation in summer is very strong. When it is directly irradiated on the wig, it is very unfavorable to the hair, so try to reduce the exposure of such rays as much as possible.
If you take good care of the wig in this way, you can use it for one to two months or even longer.

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