What Hair attract customers

The bundle or wig is most popular in this market, These two products are very popular among customers,but it have different texture , for example straight, body wave, curly, and deep wave.
So we can display some popular products in our hair shop ,but according to different season ,the customers’ preferences are also different. Usually in Summer , the customer prefer some Bob wig and color short size wig .
So when summer comes, we can recommend some new products in our store ,so This will attract a lot of customers.What kind of headgear is recommended in what season arouse customer interest.
But in different texture ,which one is the customer’s favorite ?
I think the customer prefer simpler product, for example like same straight, body wave , in straight is most popular compared to curly and deep wave ,the straight relatively simple, why do we say the straight is most popular ? because the straight Can be according to everyone’s preference ,make different hairstyle, also Dyeing is relatively easier to color than other textures ,and the hair original quality will not change, for curly and deep wave ,if we do dyed these two texture, So it will be damage the quality of the hair because these two texture have already undergone a curvature, So dyeing them again will damage their quality, but the straight not will ,because straight It is the original hairstyle of the volunteers without curvature So customers can according to their preferences dyed,bleached and Perm。
So when customer not have clear needs ,we can recommend straight and seasonal popular products to customers appropriately.

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